Help Please

I haven't gotten to hold my girlfriend in over 2 months because she always seems to be busy. Sometimes we hangout and its just like we're only friends and sometimes just friends with benefits. I've been depressed three days in a row and she knows the only way to make me feel better is hold me but she still hasn't and she keeps saying she loves me but idk if I believe it. We only have 2 more days to hangout but today she can't and tomorrow she can't ethier. Idk what to do. Do I break up with her or do I just keep waiting for her to become unbusy? All waiting does is get my hopes up and ive spent the past three days crying. She didn't even try and see me on her birthday. Idk what to do. Can someone please help me. I love her and we've been through so much but now idk what to do anymore. I had a really good feeling about today but she said no again. Its like I spend everyday waiting for her to become unbusy
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Jan 6, 2013