Days Go By And You're Slipping Away..

I Still Think About Her Even Though I Shouldn't.. She's The First Girl I've Ever Had Feelings For ..But Yet My Feelings For Her Were And Still Are The Strongest I've Ever Felt For Anyone..The First Girl I Have Ever Loved... I Haven't Talked To Her A While ..Yet I See Her From Time To Time ...The Worst Part Of It All Is She Was Never Mine.. But I'm In Love With Her ...She Has A Girlfriend ..And I Know That ...But My Heart Just Doesn't Seem To Get It ...We Talked Everyday And Now 8 Days Not Talking To Her Seems Like A Lifetime.. I Wish She Felt The Same About Me ...Because The Pain In My Heart Seems Like It It'll Never Stop... :(
HopelessLoveHer HopelessLoveHer
22-25, F
Jan 10, 2013