It Started With Your Smile

It started when I first saw her, the gleam in her eyes as we first saw eachother, I could tell she wanted to be my friend, I smiled at her, and she smiled back, My heart started pounding like something was changing for me, Sooner or later I noticed I fell in love and it was caused by her wonderful Smile.

We had new seating arrangement's in a class we have together, Well she told me "I am Glad I got to sit by you!". It made me very happy, I was glad to sit by her to. She trusts me, I trust her.

When we had a musical, She came to me crying and I helped her out through the situation, When I cried she helped me out through my problem. When I am down or upset/sad, Everytime she says or does something funny as if she knows I am upset, She makes me smile and no not weakly, but completely. I don't feel alone anymore.

I remember walking in the hallway with her, We were a bit late for class.. But I didn't care much. She told me "You know you're the greatest friend I ever had". I smiled and looked at her, My reply was "Thank you. You're also the greatest friend to". Her reply was "Thanks". Her voice is like music to my ears, Even when she sings.

If I had the chance I will do a duet with her, Now she wants to hang out over the weekend, or do things over the weekend with her.

I always say Yes or If you want me to. She agrees with me, and helps me out and she also asks questions and I answer and if I am unsure I tell her "I am pretty unsure but I think so". Which gives her the sign to ask a teacher or someone else.

Well, I went to the library and saw her, sitting on a chair, reading a book. I had my sweatshirt off, (or on I think). I smiled when I saw her, and she smiled back. It was like how we first met, but in a different location. We talked and read some books. When she had to leave, she gave me a hug.

My heart was beating fast, I didn't want to go, I didn't want her to go. I wanted to hold her in my arms and be there for her. I would of asked to sleep over, but I don't know how well that would of gone well since She didn't have a phone and I didn't either.

When we both walked out of the library together, we smiled at eachother. I have a feeling she may like me back, but doesn't want to tell me.

and her words repeat in my head from what she said when we went in for something (At school)

"You're my bestest friend ever!"

and I will never forget it, I treasure it.
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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

Like your story ! Can relate to it... Keep it that way. Being friends forever is very precious... :-)