Moving On

well its been since New Yrs that i tried calling, txtn, writing her and got no response so im deciding to try and move on, my head feels ready, its this Heart of mine that just cant seem to let it go, i miss her so much, i know its over and yet i cant seem to convince my heart, i have been journaling my feelings for her and it was going ok, now i just want to call her just to hear her voice on her answerin machine, ive had several past relationships that ended n i got over them pretty gud but this one is so hard, i really felt so much love in my heart for her, i think about her constantly, i close my eyes n picture her smiling, when, when, when is this hurt every going to stop, its unbearable, im so lonely without her, i love her so much
latinlaydey latinlaydey
46-50, F
2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

If she really loves you she won't consider breaking up , so what you have to do is think and know that you deserve better , someone that loves you deeply , love comes when least expected , so keep yourself busy and take "me" time , pamper yourself , re-arrange things at home work etc , throw things that remind you of her , start a new page of your life !
Wish you the best

Deep words... Yes. Getting over is guite the royal pain... I'm kinda stuck over someone too. This helped me : keep yourelf busy by playing games, novels, etc.
Remind yourself that you deserve better. Somebody who lives you back.
And yes refrain from thinking about her... Its esier said but ... All the best :-)

thanks for the kind words, i know i have a loooonnng road ahead of me but i cant stay where i am, its hard i cant seem to think of nobody else, she occupies too much space in my heart, i know ive done nothn bad to her to treat me this way, i will do all it takes not to beg her back, i know i have a good heart so her loss