They Call This Game... "love"

(Yeah, it's poetry. Haven't written one in a LONG time, so it might fail)
There's a game everyone plays
There are only two ways out
Everyone wants way one
But some must go without
Not everyone really wins
But everyone must play
Some go through heartbreak
Or so they all say
It's true it can be awful
But there can be happiness too
Perhaps ask your parents
They will tell you it is true
I play this game
Although I really don't want to
And now everything is different
Now everything in life is new
I thought I was special
But I guess I'm really not
I'm her crush at least
Or so I thought
She calls herself forever alone
I try to tell her I'd be there
But I can't truly help her
But anyways, she doesn't care
This is why I hate this game
That everybody plays
Some choose not to participate
But nobody can escape
It goes until the end of time
Or until the end of life
Some people finish alone
Some have a husband, or a wife
Some people get it easy
Many find it hard
Some people must pull together
When their heart breaks to shards
I have the worse end
Denied, broken, and left behind
But I guess it's okay
Someday love I will find
This game is cruel, they said
Nothing will be the same
But I didn't stand by
I threw myself into the game
Somewhere the birds sing
Far above
About the game
The game called love
It's insane trying
To figure it out
So go with the flow
And let your life play out
A lesson learned
As you'll grow old
That you cannot change
The story told
And as I listen at the dawn
To the singing of a mourning dove
They sing about this game we play
A game we all call love
KolsaReflection KolsaReflection
18-21, F
Jan 21, 2013