I want to bury myself in the folds of a truly voluptuous beauty... Today I want something soft. A stark contrast to the unyielding rigidity of man.
AmorEros AmorEros
31-35, F
3 Responses Aug 23, 2014

That's beautiful.

is it the contrast that motivates you?

Yes...I love the hard lines of my male lover. The strength the force the virility. But the encompassing comfort of breasts, soft belly, etc...of my female lover are always a safe place. I think it's the duality that gives me pleasure.

so you get rocked from one and comforted by the other? interesting. how did you get into it? boyfriend introduced you?

Your first sentence actually made me visualize a woman in the folds of a bbw...

One can only wish...a real Botticelli beauty would b nice