I met this girl and did a lot of things w/ her too untill I was having this feeling that I felt for my ex-boyfriend w/ch is that I'm in love to her. She told me her first kiss was a girl when we we're talking about our lovelife and I was a bit shocked. But it made me feel happy tiny bit. She has a boyfriend  and I feel sad seeing them together. Untill one night she got home in our boarding house drunk and miserable she rushed to me and cried she said her bf was cheating on her and she was consulting what to do about it. I ask her if she still loves him she told me she thinks she still love him. We confronted her bf the next day they both talked and the result they broke up. A month later she wanted me to do a double date w/ her and I agreed just to watch her. We were having a good time when she was making-out w/ her date I was stressed so I grabbed her out of the bar and confessed my feelings to her. She was laughing at 1st but when she saw I was serious she said "Your my friend?" she was about to walk away but I pulled her and kissed her. She did'nt react or respond to my kiss nor pushed me away so I stopped. After that she moved to another boarding house. We did'nt see each other for 2yrs. Untill just yesterday we saw each other on a bar I walked to her and said that I still love her. She wanted me to kiss her so I kissed her then she kissed back this time. Then she just left leaving me her phone number. Now the biggest question in my life. 'Is there a hope of me and her?' I don't know if she's just toying me or what. My brain wants me to give up but my heart is telling me the opposite.

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i love her but she did not love me

Good luck!

yes , i think so , give it a try

yeah agree with all..give it a try cause if you don't, you might regret your decision later on life..<br />
all the best..

i think u should try to contact her and then u will know it yourself whether she juz toying u or not....if not sumday u might be regret if u not doing anything for the one u love

I'm sure she cares about you if she wants to keep seeing you. But, as much as you want this to work out, don't let your heart run away with you rationality. Take it slow. Get to know her again. A lot of change can take place within a person in two years. Good luck ^_^

Call her and give it a "try". I'd rather try and lose than go through life forever wondering "what if".