I Am I Girl In Ove With Another Girl

im a girl in love with another girl.she is my best friend.she invited me to stay the night this friday and.....well,this sounds really stupid.but should i kiss her in her sleep so she will never know i kissed her.should i,what do u  think?

TwilightFan111 TwilightFan111
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4 Responses Feb 6, 2010

dont do it!!! take ur time, look for all the right signs! then talk to her. dont force urself on her bc it could turn out very badly

i would also do it.. i wish i could see "my" ( shes not mine LOL) girl sleeping and i could kiss her.. T__T but ill tell her " OMG, sorry i was turning my back and xd sorry!!" so maybe she could think it was all an accident..

go for it. i dreamt that I kissed a girl I loved (while she slept) and she returned my kiss. I would do it.

she might just wake up :S unless shes a heavy sleeper :)<br />
I say go for it. But be careful risking a friendship can mean total loss in the end.