My Story Is!!

Im 18 years old and so is my girlfriend, we live together and weve been dating for a year and two months.

When I first meet christina i wouldnt talk to her or even look her way in middle school. Then when I got into 11th grade i we started talking over the internet!! And let me tell you i was anti-GAY I hated the thought of it. But something about Christina made me realize there is no difference. As long as we love each other and care for each other the same it was the same. I tried to aviod her after I realized my feelings towards her. but I just couldnt help myself. I love the girl and she loves me. I still remember the first time we kissed!!=) thats something I will never forget!!

This girl is my life I would be nothing without her. But I keep it secret because of my family!! I know thats not good, but I just cant deal with their **** at this moment in my life!! we want to move away so we can be together without anybody telling us otherwise.

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2 Responses Mar 10, 2010

So beautiful especially as she helped you become the beautiful lesbian you are now.

I understand why you'd have to hide it; my first and only girlfriend was in 8th grade&&most of freshman year. My mom is hard core bible thumper. She withdrew me from school, locked me in my room with no food all alone until she witnessed me breaking up with her over the phone. If it wasnt for my mom theres not a doubt in my mind we'd still be together. Good luck, and don't ever let anyone tell you how you're "supposed" to feel [=

That's bad. But when you get the chance date her again and marry her. You're a wonderful lesbian.