Turn Left!

You saw that direction pole in the public park near the side walkwith loads of arrows on it, well I'm the girl it just confused cos it seemed to have so many different directions each going off at a tangent.

And that's how my life's kinda been from early childhood seeing the signs following them but never really ending up with any clear cut ideas about who I was and more to the point which direction I was headed.

I'd think I had a plan and then find something would throw me off track like wanting to go to University but fluffing up on my qualifications because I had a nervous breakdown and then being told you'll just have to be factory worker instead as if that would interest me.

Cos the thing is I'm so interested things I want to know all about them and that whole turn out 500 of the same thing day in day out wasn't gonna do it for me OR the possibilities would be so large I couldn't make my mind up and end up all paralyzed mentally from it so nothing happened.

I'm getting better in my years at making things happen but I'm no natural.



CarolineBelinda CarolineBelinda
36-40, F
Mar 4, 2010