She's twenty!! I'm nine years her senior! Ouch!! I don't even see her that often!! She just pops up at my work here and there. Sometimes she's working at the place I tan at!

Now I'm having dreams about her, and finding excuses to drop by the tanning salon?? I don't even know her. Am I just intrigued that she's an open lesbian at 20??

I haven't even seen her in over two weeks. She came up to me and kinda gave me a look. What was that about!?!? The time before that, I came out of the tanning bed and her and my stalker chick was sitting in the lobby talking about me going on vacation when I walked in. Wth?

Looks like I'm going tanning today... Sigh.
Even though I know chances are, she won't even be there. I wouldn't even know what to do if she was.

I could put a little birdie mutual people we know and see if she starts coming around more again.

Being girl crazy sucks. Wanting what you can't have sucks!!
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2 Responses Aug 19, 2014

Be direct..ASK!!

Who says you can't have her?