ok im a teen who's been attracted to other girls for a long time! but the spin is girls like me too! i over heard a group of them commenting on how hot i am. i was soooooooo happy cause they were all very pretty. but none of them i liked like that. this one girl i have a huge crush on doesnt know i like girls and i dont know if she likes girl either! but she beautiful and i find myself frequently thinking about her and i know she kinda has a thing for me but doesnt know if she should go for it. we have those akward moments in class when she staring at me then i look and she looks aways blushing. we talk alot on facebook and i even let it slip i think shes pretty she said she likes me too and i knew even though it could be taken as friendly we both know she meant it like i did!
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no1 is to young!!!

You are still very young so take it need to rush into things !! It's great that you found someone that you care for !! Girls liking girls is a beautiful thing but don't read too much into it..take your time and get to know her then you will know for sure instead of you two just hinting around !! Good Luck !!!!

i think you are just so lucky to be that close to someone you really like. I really liike this girl, i think shes so hot and amazing, i know she's bi, and now and again i do see her looking at me, but i cant tell if she likes me or hates me. Things are kind of akward, your in a great position! it sounds really sweet and nice, hope you stay good friends if nothing more, but sounds like you'd be great together