I Like Girls

i couldnt think of a title but ya i like girls.i have had a crush on a girl in my class but i thinks she likes boys but i wish i could meet a girl that likes girls.but i cant talk that much to peapol.

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im n the same postition,bt uue shud asx her nd trust her nt ta tell anyone nd if she doesnt move on.i realy liek uue nd uue dnt no me rite now bt ive alwaysed liekd uue

I also have a crush on dis girl in my class and i dont know if she likes girls..Im having feelings 4 dis girl..feelings i neva felt b4..we have those akward moments in class when she staring at me and i look away i feel shy n i just look da other and i also do da same and stare at her in class..but i dont know..!! if dat means she likes me or somethin...=/ ...I also dont have a lot people i can talk about this..(only my mom).lol...but i want to find the another right person or persons to tell them and talk about wat im going threw but i havent.found no one....

thank you but im trying im just trying to find the right peapol to tell

I feel the same way about my friend. I knows its hard you have to get very comfortable and at the right time(*you'll know*) you HAVE to jump out of the closet. BTW im lesbian my mom *was* a lesbian my sister is bi an im An Lesbian ID How to tell ppl im scared i need help too... But if she shows anything like this article http://www.wikihow.com/Tell-if-Your-Best-Friend-Is-Lesbian says then maybe i gave up on dumb boys there not mature and act like they have no minds and they turned me off comletely they broke my heart now want me back im sick of it and like girls now HAHA! But on thing this may sound weird but how old are you i just want to know because there young ppls! im pretty young myself!

all you have to do, is talk to her as friends and see if it progresses into anything more hun x