I'm a young teen and I came out and told my friends I'm bi a few weeks ago and they are all fine about it (thankfully) but I don't know why I like girls. My friends say it's just a phase but I can't stop thinking about them. The thing is I've felt like this since I was in y3 but I thought it was ok then, as I've got older and all my girl mates have been getting BOYFRIENDS it made me feel different, like a freak. That's why I kept it inside for so long, but then it started to make me depressed and I was on love with my ex-boyfriend AND my best friend (who was a girl). This person said that if I ever started to like them she wanted to know so I told her and now, even though I've moved on from her, we can't be friends because it's to awkward. I'm scared about it and I want to know why I like both sexes but I have no one to turn to...

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Stop trying to rationalize your feelings and needs ...... God made us the way he did and you were dealt a fullhouse (the ability to pleasure yourself equally with boys and girls) so go with it and stop questioning it. You will find when you get a little older that you are the lucky one who in fact has the best of both worlds and will also find out that you will never be without love and sex and good friends. So, don't queston your gift but instead use it to fullfill your needs wants and desires. XX Stephanie

i think its ok untill u dont hurt noone<br />
but why ? hmmmmmm....

likeing both sexis is ok. peapol are born this way thats why you have felt this way sence 3 and i liked girls for a long time too.being who you are dosent make you a bad person.<br />
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