When It Comes To Women..

What really attracts me is their hair, eyes, & the way they smile. I could care less if she isn’t pretty. I could care less if she’s too short or too tall. I could care less if she wears makeup or not. I could care less if she dresses girly or boyish. I could care less if she’s rich or poor. I could care less if she’s too skinny or too fat. I’ll love her the way she is & I could care less what others say about her. Really, all that matters to me is at the end of the day is: She would make me laugh until my stomachs hurts & I feel like I can’t breath. She would only look at me & no one else. She would just want to cuddle instead of making out or having sex. She would watch horror movies with me & isn’t afraid to lean against me when the scary parts happen. She would kiss me on the forehead & say goodnight when I’m falling asleep on her arms. & when I wake up in the morning, she’ll be lying there still holding me. <—- I’d do the same for her everyday. Looks to me don’t matter at all. If she makes me happy & I make her happy, then that truly does only matter

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WOW......I love it!! Lucky you and her ;)

Thank you much! =)

This is gorgeous, and I can tell you have a very brave, open soul. I believe that there's a soul mate out there for everyone. I'm not sure where yours is, but if she never shows up, I would love to keep you company :)

Thank you...and lucky me...coz mine showed up already... :-)

Tell her I'm jealous. :)

OMG, I am almost in tears. That is the most beautiful statement of love I have read. Thank you, thank you, thank you. OK now I am gushing and that is just silly, sorry. I hope you share more of your thoughts.

u sound so perfect i wish i knew u :)

thanks! :)

That made my heart skip a beat because that's... just perfect.it makes me think about the girl I love she's always worried that she isn't pretty enough for me n that ill leave her but what she doesn't understand is that her heart put that twinkle in my eye and evrything else came with it and that she'll always be beautiful to me because our hearts are connected as one and I love the little things she does like brushing my hair behind my ear n wiping my tears away with her thumb.

thanks, and your girl is lucky.. :D

Really sweet (:

that is perfect :)

Just be be held.... warm and soft, I know what you mean.