The Female Body Rocks

In High School I was really in to athletics, so I was a member of many girl's teams. A point guard in basketball, a short stop in softball, and swarm the breast stroke in swimming. (Now, why is that funny? lol).
Naturally, then I traveled many miles with lots of female team members. On those trips many of us tended to bond, some closer than others. What I mean to say is that, some of us formed more intimate relationships than others.
It was at this time, I discovered I Iiked girls more than boys The beauty of a female athlete, with her fit body and tight buns is so obvious. So obvious, in fact, that I became thoroughly entranced by it. All those trips, all those overnights, all those locker room encounters, it's no wonder I came to the conclusion that the female body rocks!
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Well I'm a guy and I love the female body, so i know what you mean. Once in University, I was in the fitness centre and the female volleyball team walked through---I was totally mesmerized by such exquisite female atheltic form.

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Yep, quite obvious, isn't it... there's more logic to the female body... and thus very much more inviting... lol... thank god that I'm much more than only physically attracted to them... good post! Val :-)

thank you, isn't that so true