New Experience?

Back in April 2011 I started having feelings for a good friend of mine but she is totally against girls being with girls and would never be friends with anyone who was that way. My feelings have gottten stronger and stronger. I feel like I wanna see her all the time. I don't know what to do???????? This is hard for me.
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1 Response Jul 17, 2011

my best friend is just as homophobic, I have never told anyone that I'm attracted to girls then one day after getting tired of hiding it , I started off by asking her what she thought and she told me a little story and basically explained why she hate gays and all that stuff, and if i ever got deep into it she would never be my friend, but sometimes i tell her about my dreams and stuff and trust me it the worst thing i could have ever did by confessing now when she gay bashes with my other friends i feel awkward and i feel just awful around her when anything comes up about same sex orientation. my advice ur fren will probably just think your wierd and stop being friends with u, so dont tell her find a way to kill or bury those feelings, or better yet stop being friends with her if its such a big prob but just dont tell her.....