My Life Is Too Different Now!!!

Ohkay soo i was in english class and i startd having a massive crush on this girl! (i got to an all girl school) and so i got her number offa mate of mine and well i just started texting her and stuff! Eventually i told her i like her and she said awwh cuute! i never knerw anything wuuld happen then one day while she was texting me she told me she likes me 2!!!!!! So i started hanging out with her at school and stuff then i asked her out and she told me "You already knew the answer is yes" so since then ive been living the dream so is  such an awesome person and its been 2 months yesterday! her parents know and my mums knows cus i told her yesterday throught text! She told me she will talk to  me later today! im so scared of wat she will say but i told my gf that nothing will break us apart! i love her so much! shes the one that stopped me from hurting mysdelf! definitly m,y future <3 xoxxoxo
ilovevampires ilovevampires
13-15, F
May 12, 2012