I Want A One Time Lesbian Experience But Should I Look?

Thanks to EP, you have given me the confidence to go out and start scouting women to fulfill my bicurious fantasy. Im going to take the time to talk a little longer. Be more attentive maybe let that hand linger just a second longer not obvious but put out that vibe. You never know there may be someone just.like.me. Im scared of the way I look. I have a beautiful face no doubt, been told that all my life. Big girl with beautiful face. Well proportioned "thick" girl. Im not young either mid forties. I look young though, no wrinkles. like I said pretty face. Not a good body. Hour glass, huge boobs. Big legs. I posted real pics, real real real pics. Anyone around my age, not a perfect weight just regular, serious women only. Am I ok to go out there and look?
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3 Responses May 17, 2012

I am also voluptuous (not sure if i spelled it right, but moving along), i have always been thin but after my kids i gained like 40 pounds and to be honest with you, i really haven't tried to do anything about it. It has been like 14 years now and i don't think it's going to happen any time soon so i am just loving myself and enjoying every minute when i can eat whatever i want. I would love to meet someone who is down to earth like myself, is not so much into the body type but likes feminine women like myself and who is interested in pretty. I'm in Miami where everyone tries to look fantastic even if they don't want to so it makes it hard to find someone down to earth here just by talking to anyone. Anyhow, i believe that you should be hsppy with who you are and enjoy yourself. Eventually you will find somone who will know how to value all your other traits. I'm 40 this year and if they don't like the way i look then they have two jobs. One to look at me and other to talk crap because i don't care.

We all have are personal dislikes however think is sexy! So be proud of who you are and like who you are. Life can surprise you;)

Of course you're ok to look, I saw your pics and you are lovely, personally I love ALL women and think we're all beautiful in our own special way but I prefer a woman with thickness to her, the hips, the thighs, the legs...its called voluptuous and to me its sexy ;)<br />
Have confidence in you please !