It Was The First Time That I Was At Work..

It was the first time that I went into my work that I saw her. I went in to get my uniform for orientation the next day, and when I walked past her she smiled at me. I remember thinking she was cute, but forced myself to push that thought back. I've always been told that gay isn't okay, and that it's a sin. I've been raised in a Christian family my whole life. That's why I have never accepted the fact that I like girls for fear of being judged. But the second or third time that I worked with her, I couldn't help but keep thinking about how beautiful I think she is, or how her personality is so great. That's when I decided to tell two of my closest friends, and even a girl who is bi at my work (all the girls are lesbian or bisexual where I work, including the girl I like.) Unfortunately, when I told the girl at my work that I am bisexual and think our coworker is cute, she told me that that girl has had a girlfriend for a year a so. I was so sad when she told me this. I feel like I am in a hopeless situation because the girl I like doesn't know I'm even interested in girls, and she has a girlfriend. When she came into work today I couldn't even look at her. I got so nervous, and I even started shaking. This has never happened to be with a guy before. The girl tried to talked to me some, but I could only say a few words back.  I feel like I came across as rude toward her, so I am considering texting her later and apologizing for it. What should I do? Not just about the coming across as rude predicament, but for the entire situation? I want to get to know her better but I am scared to because if I start to like her anymore I will just face disappointment because she has a girlfriend. Help please.
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Ok, she has a girlfriend, better leave that behind you... but what about you liking girls? Maybe is time for you to try to meet other girls and get to know yourself as a lesbian... maybe your parents or society wont "accept you" but if this is what you need to be happy go for it.. there are plenty of female fish in the sea :P