"You are going to hell"

I've always liked girls, and I thought everyone like both genders.
I didn't know that it was controversial or against my religion (I was raised Catholic). So when the first time I told a girl that I like her, I didn't know that it would do me any harm.This was 2nd grade, and I guess, a lot of children where confused or didn't understand crushes. I told her "You are really pretty, and I like you." She looks at me with a confused expression on her face, and says, "Eww. Girls aren't supposed to like girls." She told her other friends, and they all treated me like I had "cooties". Since then, I decided to keep my feelings to myself until 4th grade when I felt that I had a trustworthy friend to share it to. So one day, I told her about a girl I liked. I really wish I didn't. She looked at me with disgust and told me that I was going to go to hell. She said that she won't ever be my friend again unless I change myself. The next day, I convinced her that I didn't feel that way anymore. I kept my sexuality to myself until the beginning of sophomore year when my peers were a lot more tolerant and accepting.
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AWW, and no you're going to hell. God loves gay people, His one universal golden rule is to treat others with kindness, love, respect and consideration [Do unto others as you would have them do unto you] Where did all of the dogma come in at? I always question myself that. I've researched near-death experiences, and guess what?..... People from the LGBT Community had positive experiences. You can't help the way you were born! And no it's not a choice. I hate it to core of my heart and bones. It makes my blood boils wen the damn society say mean words such as "eewww, disgusting etc." I hate demeaning and bashing words such as "***, queer dyke etc."What people don't know or understand they fear. What people fail to realize is that we're all loved by God UNconditionally, we're all his Children! If it wasn't for the "certain events" that happened to me as I was growing up and still to this day that cause me to step outside of the boxes and these programs and to read, research and re-discover the universal truths' that I already knew within myself. [Most of such programs that I didn't accept] I was an outcast because I was a so called "peace maker". Love is love, it knows no race, creed nor gender! http://near-death.com/dale.html http://near-death.com/andreason.html#nine Here's an excerpt, "If this world was to ever find out just a small amount of what sexually diverse (gay) people are here to do on this planet, there would never be one single wisecrack or hurtful remark made ever again. Instead there would be great respect! People who speak disrespectful things about people of this orientation ... enact judgment, and do so from a place of unenlightenment, insecurity, ego and socially induced prejudice. Some may use mistranslated scriptures taught to them, not by the Holy Spirit ... but by fear-filled human beings. Many will choose to sustain a Divinely unsupported satanic hate-based rage against these children of God, rather than using Love to bring understanding and healing between both peoples. Christ said, THE GREATEST COMMANDMENT IS THAT WE ARE TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER! When people sling condemnation, judgment and bitterness at others, they are not practicing the great commandment. They are allowing their Souls to fall into darkness."I wish these stupid social programs will just stop and everyone just get spiritually mature. We're all one race, what people say and do to one person, they're doing the same thing to God, and ultimately back at themselves. [They don't realize this until they cross over] Here's an experience from a person that lived a cruel life and found this out the hard way. http://near-death.com/forum/nde/000/35.html And in closing you preexisted as a spirit with God, before He sent you into your mother's womb. You took on a special task, job/mission for God. Nobody has a right to make a blanket judgement of one's sexual preference, physical appearance etc. No human being on this planet has a right to judge ANYBODY by social programming and certain standards. We're out of the dark ages, we're out of the middle ages and we're half in and half out of these old paradigms and of a dawning new golden age.If people can't/don't like you for you, like what our Lord said "shake the dust off your feet" [and walk away]. Have no doubt about it, you have always been and always will be so loved beyond measure!

Aww...I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with telling people of your sexuality. At least now, you can be more open about it. I know what you mean by being catholic and having a sexual identity that's against the church. Don't worry, just think that whenever the church says about that being gay is not ok, remember that if God hated gays, He wouldn't have put us here in the first place. Best wishes

I agree with every one on the top anyways u deserved a better friend I think that "friends" that try to change u just beacause ur diffrent are better of not neing ur fiend . And aniwayslove that can overcome genders has to be strongest tjere is lol . KEEP TRUE TO UR SELF XD . GOOD LUCK AND FOTGET ABOUT WHAT EVERYONE ELSE HAS TO SAY XD

Thank you! I have accepted who I am, and negative opinions about me don't effect me.

Sorry for my horrible spelling when I wrote that.

Be proud of who you are! :D love has no gender!

Totally agree

I second that and highly agree!

I think most children would act that way to things that they weren't exposed to or things don't understand. I'm just glad that I finally accepted who I was, and now I'm not afraid of revealing my sexuality. It doesn't define me, and it's not a big deal.

Enjoyed reading your story and it sucks how people are like that..