I Want A Girlfriend.

I've wanted one for a while now. But I've never had a committed relationship with a girl. I usually lead on or friend-zoned. Sometimes, they don't know that I'm attracted to women, because I'm not good at flirting.

This is depressing.
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I have the same problem I'm 14 and want a girlfriend but it's hard to know if they are bi to

Lol i know how u feel u just gotta develop the skill of flirting i know i know since when is flirting a skill trust me it us youll be surprised at how many women are just big flirts and trust once u get that skill down it will be much easier to get a gf

I feel the same way. It sucks

And u are so beautiful...sorry had to say that :)

I totally get where u are coming from. I have the worst gaydar ever. My whole college dating scene was pretty much me getting my heart broke by straight girls I thought were into me and missing out on the few gay girls there because I got too afraid to putmyself out there. I got lucky after when I reunited with a childhood friend who had come out when we were teens (we're getting married next year). So it is tough but u should try some lgbt friendly dating sites. They tend to be a little less full of fakes than other sites.

i feel the same way

i understand u completely and wish you all the luck

i also want girl

Hey there :) i have a girlfriend and im a straight girl. umm.so my girlfriend read your post so umm here. i just wanna say that if you really want one pick someone who will accept you for who your are and pick someone who will make you happy, and someone who will not be shy holding your hands in public and hugging you even though there are many people looking. so goodluck :)

I want a girlfriend too. There have to be an abundance of lesbians somewhere.

what is their reaction to you?

Love can't always be measured by how long you wait...It's about how well u understand why you are waiting...


aww its okay. You will find somebody pretty f*ucking awesome one day !! everybody has somebody out there.

You'll get there sweety. One day when u dont even expect it, Bang! Someone will come along and it'll be fantstic.

Good luck I have the same problem as you , like everyone says your pretty and I'm sure you will find someone soon. I won't say the same for myself though..

I'm good at flirting...l but only with straight girls /:

Your a very beautiful girl, you'll find her soon i know u will :). Just have to keep looking

It comes in the most unxpected events in our lives. Don't worry. Just be patient in waiting. She will come. I'm waiting too. :D

You'll find her some day. I know I did. ^-^