Its Pretty Much A Fact

Give me one reason not to like girls? .......

They're hot as f*uck.

end of story.
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Thats mostly true

Its amazing how one small statement went from just that a statement to being analyzed as to what its means to straight people to religious heaven and hell to random thought omg lol people get so serious so fast the statement was and I quote
Give me a reason not to like girls..........

I didnt say: give straight people a reason to not like girls or should I like girls will I go to hell or you all have no reason not to like girls it was just a statement of maia's own opinion either you like it or you don't

so you judge people on how they look, what you should do is like people because they are kind and caring persons. be they male or female.

ohh why thank you for the enlightenment

i dont know why

its okay not to know why

Not everyone thinks girls are hot, gay men and straight women would disagree. You don't need reasons not to like them, you need reason to like them.

The same way you need evidence to make positive claims, you don't need evidence to dismiss them.

If you like girls, then that's great! But the statement you made is a little bit silly.

It's not suppose to be taken nearly as seriously as you took it. I'm glad you took the time to analyze my 3 sentences though! :D Also, I never said that I thought everyone finds girls hot.... so your comment is a little bit silly.



Can't think of any but surely I can give you thousands of reasons why I love girls. :)

just cant go to heaven unless your on the strait path other than that im with you sister

I'm not interested in going to heaven anyways... but thanks! :D

Good thing there's no Heaven nor Hell for anyone then.

Me too!

Amen! They know how to ..... where to ...... and last 10 times longer then a guy while doing what they know how and where to. Need I say more?

If they have researched and experimented, yes. Same goes for guys though, you need to find serious people on both sides. Men and women are pretty much equal in many ways.

the are *****!!...

Actually men are way sexier than any woman. Hence why there are many more gay guys than gay women. To me woman are only pretty but totally sexless and non sexual so cant see how that is more 'sexy' than a man. Sex with woman = boring to me<br />
Every part of the male body changes and becomes manly and sexier whereas the female body other than getting hips and boobs stays much the same as when as before pubitity. People go on about the female shape etc. Ok she gets **** and a big but or hip but what else ? Truth is she everything else on a woman stays the same as when she grew up. For example.<br />
<br />
1) Female skin stays the same as before after puberty as before. However men skin changes and gets manly. You cant deny this as its a fact. Womans skin stays the same as when they were little girls. No so with men!<br />
2) Men again developed more than women round the chin and jawline. They get sexy manly stubble. Women’s jaw stays the same as before they hit puberty. Nothing there changes once again. Obliviously facial hair is only seen as attractive on men and certainly not on women but I say this as to POINT OUT women hardly change from being 12 year old girls! And I certainly don’t think 12 year olds are sexual attractive hence fail to understand how anyone for a second could say women are more sexy when they basically are kids just taller.<br />
3) Womens hands stay the same as kids hands. Small and nothing changes YET again when they grow up into women. BUT mens hands develop and become strong and manly. You can see the change in a mans hands when he grows up but women’s hands simply don’t change from being a 12 year old girl. Fact.<br />
4) Men get macho sexy hairy manly chests. <br />
5) Men get strong manly arms BUT yet again women’s arms rarely change to when they were kids.<br />
6) Men get six packs but women don’t – not really .<br />
7) Men get sexy sideburns. Again nothing changes on the female form there and stays the same as when they were KIDS.<br />
Do you want me to go ? As I can. What the hell does change on a woman to when she was a 12 year old girl/kid ?? She just gets **** and hips!!! But nothing else. Just like a kid and how is that sexy or sexier than a strong hunky macho man. No compition there and if you work it out overall men are more poplour than women for both genders when it comes to sexual attraction.<br />
<br />
More gay men than gay women = more straight woman and people overall fancy MEN. Why because there are more women that are straight and more gay men. It is logical.<br />
<br />
People can say I am ranting and I am really not caring if I write this in a lazy way but I know I have made a lot of truthful points.<br />
<br />
Women are pretty but sexy or sexually attractive???? Not for me and certainly not as sexy, fulfilling and sexual satisfying as a man.<br />
<br />
I have tried sex with a woman although I thought what is the point ? But did so and it only confirmed that women don’t turn me on at all. It was the most sexually unsatisfying experience I have ever gone through with.<br />
<br />
Personally I think lesbians are getting a raw deal and missing out big time. I don’t understand why you get them when men are more of a turn on to look at and be with. I think lesbians are basically a joke . Just cant see the sexiness in women . They are boring and non sexual compared to men to me.

Maybe you should be a little bit more considerate of women, "monkeymagic1912" since.. you know, a woman gave birth to you.

No wonder I hardly like guys anymore.


Think your on the wrong post...speaking out loud don't think we give 2 sh-ts about the 16 page of none info given...thanks but no thanks Monkey-watever

If you're not interested in conflicting opinions, then why the **** do you bother to post on these boards?

The poster stated their own opinion, they like men more. They have twisted facts and the way they speak about things is a bit brash but you're no better than that, are you? Neither was the original maker of this topic. You're all the same and yet you're yelling about Apples and Oranges.

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Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........cause they have cooties?

The only reason: cuz you're better off going for women, liking little girls is frowned upon!


yes they r really hot and sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Straght up! Idk what it is about us but we are fu*king hot!

agreed :)

Preach <3

IDK ask a gay man haha

thats a good one! very nice thinking.


U no y no one can give u a reason? Cause non such exsist women make the world go around n at only 16 there my love please no man can make me feel the same let allow better so y deny wat I like? I'm damn not straight n I'm proud. XD

Glad your proud woman! you should always be proud of you are :)

What did she said?

thanks :) thats why I said I hope I didn't offend you. just being playful though. you are definetely hot for sure, and I don't judge you for liking girls. you're cool in my book anyway. :)

OMG..........I think I just died and went straight to heaven ! lol. I love hot girls that love other hot girls ! and right now Maia, if you only knew the visions in my head. lol. ( both of them ) hehehe.<br />
hope I didn't offend you. :)

hmmmm it was a little creepy. But i know you and like you enough to let this pass :)

Totally agree, hell since before I was in school I agreed. It still baffles me when I meet a girl that is totally straight....and when I do I like to see if she telling the truth ;)

yes! that is very true. all my "straight" friends weren't so straight after they found out i liked girls too... makes me wonder.

I know what you mean, it just sucks when they totally deny what happened in public because they "arnt gay". They dont seem to get that they might be bi, but a lot of people are afraid of even that lable.

yeahh its the bullshit mindset this society has and not everybody is blessed with bravery, unfortunately.

I'm a Lesbian too Maia! But I only like Bi girls, so maybe I need lessons... (I'm just sayin' ... :P )

i know your a lesbian. why do you think you need lessons?

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Your right . I love to hold them, look at them, kiss them, squeeze them, laugh with them,sing with them,wish with them,dream with them,hope with them. They are my favorite kind of people.


Its to cold in Canada for hot girls , your pictures tell all the story :) not sure if this is a compliment or not XD but im guessing the smiley face in the end shows that its more of a compliment so thank you :P haha

but i assure you there are some pretty hot girls here in Canada :D

Its a kind of chill compliment which can turn into many smiley faces , if you just show us some more hot skin :)))

more hot skin? maybe when im 80 years old :)

So what the talking about hot Canadians , be the sister show the way :)

Like i said when im 80 buddy! jesus... have some patience.

Patience , when you 80 I will long gone ;)

awww thats too bad for you then... :(

Be a sport hot Canadian;)

I dont think its possible for me to become a "sport" most sports require teams of people and lots of financial investments. Sponsors also...

Have you heard about naked Gymnasts ?


You take you cloths off and do some kitty stretches :)))

oh how interesting. do you do that?

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I want to sleep on your hand my baby

LOL!!!!! i cant stop laughing i might have a heart attack!! well my baby ;) if you sleep on my hand you might stop the circulation of blood going into my hand and by the time its morning i might not have a hand at all!! :O

I need to sleep please

I have the solution though. You can sleep in MY HAND. :D This is a great idea and then we BOTH win! Pretty cool, eh?

ahahahahha simplybeing your pretty amazing. but i dont want you to lose circulation in your hand :(

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I tottaly agree

yeaa i cant imagine anybody not agreeing :P

yeah!,, hottieeer than men!;)

lol! i agree we are def sexier than men. even men know it. but men are nice creatures nevertheless.

Your not wrong I love them to they are sexy 😊

You should have end it with "Period" :D would have been more awesome =D

i like ur suggestion. so i changed it. THANKS

this has now become an epic story. PERIOD :D

AGREED! i thank my brain for it and ur brain! TOGETHER WE CREATE LEGENDARY MATERIAL

Legend-waitforit-dary .. lets write a book then =P

lets do it. we would be famous, rich as **** and travel everywhere. not bad. i like the way you think ;P

and if the book turned out to be a best seller , we can even get royalty for years =D eat, travel , live life ! =P

yes! we would have our private little plane. we each get our own mansion next to each other. but we wont forget to give a bunch to our fellow human beings who maybe didnt have the chance to meet their legendary half... and write a book! **** yes.

and we would own our own private beach =p and brainstorm on the next book =D
open a charitable organization with the excess money .. win a noble for peace =D we would be famous and rich .. **** yeah !

OMG!!! private beach YES. yes yes yes. like A HUGE YES. lets do it!! first things first though WTF are we going to write about?? :O

funny i was gonna ask the same question =) fiction is the way to go =P set the plot in medieval ages and it sells like anything =P , or survival story =D or a mind blowing thriller =D

lets go with a survival story. somebody surviving some. something dramatic, romantic some action too. something very tragic at times but makes u realize sh*t

yes that would be awesome ! lots of ups and downs , confusing turns and people will love it like anything =D A happy ending to top it . hehe .
How about a fictional vigilante serial killer story =D

you are very nice woman

... lol mr. hgpfmne has managed to successfully ruin this post XD
i can easily delete this but im laughing so hard im almost crying lol!!!! so ill keep it.

gunjit a serial killer story sounds like a plan to me. im fascinated by them so yes!! for sure

haha =D that post was indeed funny , this is how you ruin a ongoing conversation =D and yeah something on the lines of dexter sounds awesome .. lets not discuss the idea here .. someone might steal it =D

great thinking :)

yeah right =D

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Hot like you ;p

and like you ! ;)

Well its sh.ort true and to the point.

its meant to be

Sooo true!

You need to do what you need that is best for you. Don't lIve with a lie. You would only hate yourself. I wish I was a girl that had a girl. To many years have passed for me but you still have time. You may have room for a guy in your life later. Just be honest with yourself. Take care

merci buddy! will do.

Your French is horrible.

But it is sexy. LOL. Tell me more

True... It is the language of love!

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Do you like them, or like like them?

"like like" them.

How about koalas?

koalas are legendary creatures