I Like Boys And Girls..........so What Im Normal!!!

so, im 13 and im bi... i told my teachers and they said that that`s complety normal!!!
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At your age It is difficult just being 13. Bless your heart honey, other people may make you life more difficult for your interest in both sexes. Be careful of bullies. Do Not Let Other People decide how you feel. Words can hurt, however, that is all some people have. If this happens to you Please get an adult to help you. <br />
<br />
Never ever let someone else determine how you feel about yourself. Yes you are normal. People who say otherwise are uneducated, fools who hide behind cruel words and behavior to make themselves feel better about themselves. Hugs ~Jenna

My question to you would be have you had any type of "relations" with boys and or girls? By relations I am talking like kissing and stuff.

yes..... i have kissed girls!!!!!
im lesbian!!! and by!!!

OK well being Bi ..... most people would not agree that this is normal. Most of society frowns upon same sex relationships other then just good friend without any sex. Heterosexual is societies norm. Now, keeping in mind what I just said to you, I have been lesbian all my life and had my first sexual experience (all the way) with my best friend at age 13. She an I had been friends since we were 5 or 6 years old and before age 13 we had kissed (like chicken peck) and touched each other but never *********** each other. Now keep and mind you need to feel good about yourself so dont let what others think dictate your feelings and friendships because ultimately you are the one that has to live with your own decisions. good luck xx oo, Stephanie

thanks Stephanie!!! do wanna be my friend??

I would love to but this website will not let me add you so you might have to add me.

how? do have facebook?? i do!!

no I dont but you can add me on this site just by clicking on the add button below my picture on my profile.

i clicked it and it said CANT ADD...........but how old are you??

I am 32.

ok!!! you dont have any kids??

no I havent adopted and I am lesbian and dont sex with guys and have not been artificially inseminated.

you have never had sex with guys??

nope never


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