I Like Girls I Know I Do

hi im Visha 25 Indian residing in UK due to studies and such. my family is back home so yes i am lonely. most guys i have met are jerks or got egos why do men wear these masks u never know them. as for Women thats different,at School i knew i liked girls we would kiss and cuddle innocently but in my mind i really liked it. when i was 20 i had an experience with an older woman which i enjoyed however i have to live a lie as my family would condone it and expect me to marry a nice Indian man lots of money big house big car but i dont know if i want that.but i like girls every thing about them smell touch taste sensitive where could i ever meet a man like that
i have to stop living this lie thank God for EP . although i have also met some nasty people on here who run you down because your different
chumbachumba chumbachumba
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I know how you feel sorta . I'm Pakistani and my dad expects things to go his way and wants me to get married and have his grandchildren but I like girls too . And I think I'd be pretty happy with one .

Visha hi
My name is Sach
dont worry no fakeness
or anything believe me on that one
I came across your profile name
it might just be fun
or u might know me its cool if u do
my full name is sachin chumber
and chumba sounds like my surname
we are both indian so is it possible u are a
realtive or something just wondering
forgive me if I am wrong lol
Btw i respect your preferences and
u write some cool stories this being one of them.

Hope your enjoying your life , Indian families live on a lie for the most .

smell me baby!