I Didn't Know

i first met her when we were 9, we were classmates, and we were the best of friends. we were like, the perfect duo. i was a reckless idiot, and she was a sheltered child. the first time she saw me, she thought i was a trouble maker. and she was right. i was the first person she has ever opened up to, though.

one morning i woke up, thinking, 'i have to stay away from her,' and i myself didn't know why. i started pushing her away. i kept pushing and pushing, until one day she didn't even bother trying to start a conversation anymore. our eyes would meet sometimes, but i didn't approach her and she didn't approach me.

things went on, and we hardly ever exchanged words. but when i saw her smile, although it wasn't for me, i had this ache in my chest. i had an urge to hold her. to embrace her. to kiss her. these mixed feelings got me confused. i never really told anyone, because i was afraid of what they'll say.

it's been a year since i realised my feelings, and the pain is getting worse. everyday, i feel like talking to her, but i just can't. and i don't think she will, cause after all, i was the one who pushed her away. i'm at a lost for what to do.
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u should tell her the truth , tell her how u feel about her and urself. be honest. if she still cares about u she will understand. dont be shy if u still care her like u say u do then fight for her;]

no you're not, you just think you are. trust me i've been in a similar situation. even though i was so nervous, and complete sure i would fail i didn't. because i told the truth, and that person understood, and listened to me.

dude! dont be afraid. what do u got to lose?if u dont tell her u'll regret it.

okay...there is that...sigh. i guess i can only wish u luck then...

no problem;}

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Awhh Youuh Shuud Go For Ihht ! Youuhr Gonna Regret Not Tlkinn To Her ' , When Youuh Gehht The Chance Youuh Shud Smile Or Wave Say Hi. Say Srry, Try To Start A Conversation & When Youuh Can Youuh Shud Apologize For Pushinn Her Away , Hugg Her Or Do Sumtin But Don't Just Sit There Ihhn Pain. Trust Me I've Been There & I Regret Ihht ' - Tell Mehh Hiw Ihht Goes Take My Advice ^.^

Ooh She Founnd Out Youuh Liked Her ? && When Youuh Said Youuh Were The First Person She Came Out To ' , Does That Mean She's Bi Or Lez ? Cuhhz I Got Confused. Aha && Ohk (x

Go for it!<br />
Give your best shot!