Love That Feminine Energy

My first crushes were women. I've always been much more attracted to them than I am men but oddly enough, I've never been with one. Always been with guys, and it's never really worked out. I guess I just lose interest or they've been d-bags or bad at sex or my family/friends didn't like them (or all of the above) And usually the only men I am attracted to anymore are super feminine men or completely gay men lol even my good old friend and teacher HR (another story for another time) once said to me after hearing about my experiences with men: "Are you sure you're not just meant to be with women?"


It's weird though. Even though I'm comfortable admitting my open sexuality, and have a gay mom is is super supportive, and a boyfriend who I've been open about it with who would totally be cool with my being with a woman whenever I want to, it's never happened and I've never pursued it. I don't even have female friends. I've never had sisterhood. I think it's something to do with that fact that when I was small, it was only ever other girls who tormented and teased me. They would call me a lesbian, make fun of my clothes, ridicule my hair, talk crap about how I eat my lunch and constantly pester me about "Why are you so quiet and weird?" So now I just have a trust issues with other women even though this was SO long ago it's still a thing. Being rejected that young kinda messes a person up haha but I'm recovering.

I'll always adore women though. And I shall look forward to finally seeing what that experience is like whenever the time is right.

Love & Blessings to you ^_^
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I have always been attracted toi women who like women funny as it sounds. I had a foursome when I was 19 and love women of all types but a woman that can do to a woman what a man does !!! love it. would love to be your friend btw

Heyy yeah! I'm always down to be friends. I'm not on EP overly often but yeah. Hit me up whenevs :) I would SO love to do a foursome or big group sex thing someday. It's a little dream of mine! My boyfriend thinks it sexy too, we're both into all genders so.. things work out nicely! lol

Love it

Why thank you