My Heart Wrenching Subtle But Forceful Rejection.

Hi, it's my first time here and i feel like sharing my story about this girl i met in college.

I've been into girls since i was young but i've never told any those i've liked that i like them cos i just don't feel right to do so but as i grew older, i realized it's not wrong in liking the same gender.
I wouldnt tell those i like i like them straight in their face but would rather use my actions to bring out my feelings for them too feel. I would treat them very nice, joke with them but one funny thing is i dont flirt with them but i flirt with my girl friends whom im closed with... and honestly, im good at it, hahaha.

i'm always into girls who are smart and are pretty (pretty as in pleasant looking to me). So this girl who is always in the dean's list freaking caught my eye and i fall for her. I try to get near her by by accident or fate, in the toilet as our classrooms are on the same level, so i will try to strike a convo with her or rather she will first talk to me then we'll chat for a while. So i get more into her and wanted to be close friends but im shy....oh well. I used FB to tell her how much i like her though i dont explicitly write her name out and only made it available for her to read. well, She gets it and after knowing that i like her, she kept avoiding me, avoid my stares, avoid communication......everything.. i do feel sad but i understand why too but what kind of hurts me is that she went around telling her friends(she have many many friends) that a girl likes her and it spread way right back to me -.- my friend knew i like her so they know that person she's talking about it me. and whenever her close friends walked pass me, they will give me this funny look or stare like im some weirdo which made me really uneasy and unhappy. But what much worse is that she suddenly have this super close r/s with this guy and openly flirt in everywhere in the college even in the bus on the way home .

So one day, i decided to not like her anymore and though withdrawal symptoms sets in, im lucky that we no longer have to see each other already since we have already graduated. And nope, i wont wish her all the best with the guy... haha sound like a petty person but it's too hurtful and im glad that i start to not like her anymore.

Ps: sorry for such a long one. naggyyyyyy...... oh yeah, i would like to ask how to make the girl u like to fall in love with you? 
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Dec 10, 2012