It's Never Just Any Girl...

I seem to be only attracted to some.. I mean sure I can look at any girl and say yea.. nice she's pretty..   But some its like getting stars in your eyes.  I watch how she moves.  I look into her eyes whether she's looking at me or not.  I wonder what its like to touch her face..  They usually have tattoo's..  I've come to think that they are old souls and that is part of the attraction.  They definitely have strong personalities.  I have to have some nicknames for them.. Lets see.. in no particular order..

Sweet Melodies
She was a redhead with tattoo's hot car hot body.. an aires like me. I've written about some of our time together.  She could fix her hot car, she rebuilt her house.  She sounds butch, but she's so not. 

Scottish Lass
Tall, long curly brown hair.  We met at work. She worked in the activity department.  I fantasized about her for a year before it became reality.  She was married.  We slept together twice.  Then she flipped out on me... More on this later..

Snow White
I don't remember her name but she had snow white hair.  She was intoxicating.. I loved kissing her and sucking her breasts.. unfortunately.. was a bad night for me... young and stupid.. didn't eat before drinking.. not a good night..or morning after..

Painted Lady
I might alter this nickname but I need something.  I believe we've only kissed.. She liked flirting with me.. She flirted with everone.. But alas she was my best friend..More Later...

A friend of a friend
Medium long dirty blond. She was in love with Painted Lady in High School. She drove me crazy, not in a good way annoying way, in high school and a little after.  She cleaned up and changed we became friends and we tried.. It didn't feel right..

She's caught my eye.. I'm still learning about her..I watch how she moves,  I see how her lips curve when she smiles..  oh she's a character, funny.  Fun loving you can tell.  She has a partner.. so do I.. Just because your with someone doesn't end attraction to others.. its whether you act on it or not.  So I have EP to express myself.. I'm bi.. it does't go away because you found the love of your life.. Attraction is natural.. Action is a choice.
Blueyefox Blueyefox
41-45, F
Dec 12, 2012