I Am In A Long Distance Relationship And Im In Love <3

I met you by accident said i wouldn't fall in love
Saw you were a secret admirer got me hooked instantly like a drug
I kept looking at your profile about 7 times a day
Then you messaged me out of the blue i didn't know what to say
Found out you knew I've been looking at your profile then i began to blush
I finally spoke said i was shy your words turned me into mush
We kept talking everyday my love for you grew stronger
As hours went by it got so late i wish the days were longer
I soon found out you liked me as much as i did you
You said i was beautiful i said my darling no why that is you
I made you melt so fast like a puddle on the floor
Now you know what you did to me when you only just walked through the door
You said i was really sweet the sweetest you ever met
Even though we live so far away and physically we haven't met
I cant help being sweet to a amazing beautiful girl
The one i want to marry someday and make her my whole world
Inseparable we were we would talk all day and night
Never we would argue or even get into a fight
Then all of a sudden the messages slowed and became less and less
Then they stopped all together made me such a mess
Days went by then it was weeks then it became two
I got so worried that something was wrong i didn't know what to do
Then i got a message from your dad saying you weren't ok
Got into a car accident the coma wouldn't go away
I broke down so hard that night the tears kept pouring down
Wish i could be by your side wish i could be around
Its been 2 months since we spoke i miss you everyday
Wish i could be your super hero and melt the pain away
I want to be with you in your time of need
Ill wait for you forever and forever
Forever we shall be <3

Angiesendslove Angiesendslove
22-25, F
2 Responses Dec 13, 2012

Yeah and and all of it is 100% true sadly
:( shes my first real girl that i fell in love with and hopefully my last i really love her she is perfect in my eyes there is no one i can see myself being with but her i havent heard from her in 2 months just the ocasonal read message her dad would read my messages to her and she would move a bit but ive had no update since like 3 weeks ago and im worried :(

This is so sweet...and so sad. <3