Yes I Am A Girl Who Likes Girls.. :)

Hello friends,

I really wonder why girls are very afraid of telling their love if they really love matter of gender....if they are sure about it why cant they stand on it???

And..blaming their situations...i feel where there is a will there is a way...

If they like someone..and fell in love but have to leave becoz of the situations arent they cheating themselves and cheating others too????

I really wonder who are really genuine about their relationships????

I am really serious about my orientation and i wont change my mind becoz..of the circumstances or situations....i am what i am..i have accepted it and i will be happy with that...i know..
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1 Response Jan 7, 2013

Bound by religion and beliefs, social norms, individual perspectives perhaps? after all, just because 'its my life', doesn't mean one's conduct will only effects 'me, myself and i '. Just imagine a priest daughter coming out as lesbian, the effect wont be just on the daughter but also to her parents, knowing her parents going to be devastated about it, chances are she'll keep her orientation hidden. Anyway, glad u stay true to what u are :))