There Is This Girl I Like...

So I am 16, and I go to high school. There is this Girl. Her name is Anita. She hangs out with a few distant friends of mine. They sit at the table in the cafe, and I come eye and eye with her. I think she know's I like her. What do I like about her. I am attracted to her. I like how she is sort of a loner, shy person. Yet, it's weird. I don't want to like anyone right now. I am thinking of meeting her. Because I would like to meet her, and say how beautiful she is. Today I noticed a few girls in my school trying to get with me, meaning, you know meet me, or talk to me. What ever some of the girls were doing they were waiting for something to happen. But those girls I am not really attracted to, like the way I am attracted to Anita. What am I thinking. I can't fall in love. I won't. Love is a vampires greatest weakness. I have never really been in love for real, but did have some on and off, relationships, I guess....I hope I can meet Anita. Also I fight that feeling that makes me want to feel for her. by the way I am not actually a girl, but feel like one sometimes.
Brandon15shawana Brandon15shawana
18-21, M
Jan 10, 2013