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Hi everyone, i know this ain't be a story, but yeah .. I'm usually not the kind such posts.. too shy x_x but.. Is anyone interrested in some chatting? Not like nasty or anything.. just normal talking o: if yes ,pm me :3 if not.. well then don't :D

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8 Responses Jan 14, 2013

Oh umm...it's one year and 21 days since it posted, can I still chat with you!? :)

sure :) most of the time i'm on here its just to hang out and chat

hi..want to chat?

You lesbians are taking all the beautiful woman away, just be straight.

ha ha ha poor boy!!!

Ya it's true I just can't find a pretty straight girl that wants to be my bff {"_"}

*** yulico

ha ha good reply!!

I don't think Yulico is guna **** you either Keemes ;)

ok girls i think he punished enough!! LOL

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If you want I have kik :)

a little too late.

I'll chat with you :D

I'll shoot the **** w u.

I'll chat with you hun =) x

Awesome =) x

Dragoneye89 why cant i add you? xxx

Its prob something to do with your age???