So I've been with this girl for a while, nine months to be exact and i don't know what to do anymore.. I only get to see her for 1.5 hours on mondays and wednesdays then maybe for 3 hours on one of the weekend days. I never get to see her, shes always yelling at me about my school work, she says i don't want this relationship to work but i do! Then when i call her to talk about it she doesn't talk and just gives one word answers, when i ask whats wrong, she'll say nothing and then three hours later tell me whats wrong. I don't want to break up with her but this realtionship just feels so exhausting now, I don't know what to do. I think i still love her and everytime i've come close to breaking up with her she convinces me not to do it. I just don't know what to do anymore.. Any advice out there?
18-21, F
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It seems to me she wants to break up
If I was you I would because there's a chance shell come back around and realise her mistake

She didn't want to break up but I ended it almost a year ago. Thanks for your advice! (:

Oh lol sorry I was late

Haha that's fine!


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Let her go. You need to figure out what you really need and want in a relationship and she needs to figure out how to treat her lover with respect. You deserve better, so do both of you a favor and allow the freedom to each find what you need.

You need to figure figure out what you both want out of this relationship. Right now it sounds very unhealthy and yes, confusing. On one hand something seems to be bugging her as she gives one word answers and doesn't talk about it, but on the other she's convincing you not to break up with her. Why? When she does finally say what's wrong, does it have to do with you? It sounds like she's conflicted with her own thoughts and that is why she won't say anything right away. You need to have a sit down conversation and discuss what you both want out of this relationship and find out if you are really right for each other.

I know somethings wrong and i ask her, i say tell me whats wrong please, i know somethings bothering you and i don't want you lying and telling me the truth in 3 hours. its always about something i say.I don't know what i'm supposed to say, her mom keeps her from me and makes me call her by mrs, i have to be completely polite at her house, sit on opposite couches, use separate blankets, of course i let a comment slip out here and there. We can do whatever we want at my house and yet she calls my mom rude, doesnt like my brother, won't even consider talking to my friends and says she gets "icky feelings" about them..