I Don't Know If I'm A Lesbian

But I do know I'm in love with my girlfriend. I've known her since middle school but she's a grade above me so I hadn't had the chance to talk to her until this year when we both took the same elective. There was an immediate spark and we hit it off right away. Turns out we have almost everything in common! One day I realized I had feelings for her. A month and a half later she left school at the end of the day for Christmas break with a letter I wrote. She didn't know it was actually a love letter. But she read it, and later that night she confessed she had feelings for me too. A week later we decided to start going out. Three months after I developed a crush on her, I'm now confident this is love. She's everything I want in a person, boy or girl. And this time I actually enjoy kissing her, unlike how I felt when I kissed my ex-boyfriend. I'm not sure if this is because I'm a lesbian or if I just connect with her better. I know I liked my boyfriend, but I couldn't see myself with him in the future (we only lasted two months before he broke up with me). However, both me and my girlfriend agreed that we could see ourselves together for a long time. She's off to college in the fall, and she assured me she's in no way interested in ending our relationship at that time, which really shocked me. She's serious about me, and it makes me love her even more. She's perfect.
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so touching. I hope this really work, because you two seems like so good for each other

Just as an update... She broke up with me on her birthday March 5 2013 because she wanted to stay in the closet and I wanted to be out.

This is so touchingly written. so much from the heart. hope it works out.

Your so lucky c: <3

Women know what women want. Boys will remain boys.

Sounds like you're in love to me anyway =)

You're the only one who can decide what "makes" you anything. Other peoples labels are just that, other peoples labels. I know, it shouldn't matter, but when it's your parents, or your sibs or your best friends....I wanna say, you two are being quite brave about this, we do not live in a perfect world where acceptance is a given.
The thing that worries me though is...she's going off to college...I'm not trying to scare you or anything, but...long distance relationships ARE HARD to maintain. I'm not saying they can't be done, they can! But they take work. They take commitment on the part of both of you and please, be very clear with each other as to what you each expect as far as "socializing" goes. "Meeting new people" can look like "looking for a new girlfriend" from a distance.
And...that's enough out of me...Good luck.

i lov a guy
he is my swt friend
so does tht means i am gay ?

That is so sweet :)