Confused And Torn

So I have a girlfriend who's 2 years younger then me. She's a junior in H.s and I'm a freshman in college. I basically turned her gay. We met in math and she has a crush on me and we fell in love. We have been dating for more then a year. But recently I met a girl from her class on twitter and my gf hates her. My gf doesn't know we are friends but that girl started liking me and I have too. We kissed and I just like her so much more. She has a bf though and loves him. But I'm starting not to like my gf anymore and I only want that girl. But she's happy with her bf. it sucks :(
latess25 latess25
1 Response Jan 25, 2013

There a way to reconnect read you and you girlfriends old messages letters anything where you told eachother how you felt your gf probably still feels the same and that's why she doesn't like the other girl bc she's afraid to lose you and would do anything to keep you