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Sooo im pretty sure you all like girls lol i do too. I started liking girls around 7th grade, but i didnt tell anyone. Im 16 now and i do have a girlfriend. I love her(: The one thing that scares me is my parents. I havent told them yet. They would kill me! all of my siblings know. my oldest sister finds my a disgrace.. gotta love her. I have a sister thats a lesbian and a bother thats gay. My parents know they are gay but not me. I wanna tell them but i dont want them to be upset with me. They would probably eith i had cancer than be bisexual..ughh this is hard!/).(
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1 Response Jan 27, 2013

If they know and accept about your brother and sister being homosexual why should the not accept you being that way also?
Is it your age or what, certainly legally at 16 your considered old enough to have sex be it with another woman or a man and your certainly old enough to decide what kind of relationships you want to have with or without sex.

I think you just got to think hard about it talk with your lesbian sister she has been through what you are now