Why I'M Attracted To Girls

This subject makes me blush a little. I've always been open-minded and once I entered middle school, I just became curious about being with a girl. I found the thought of it kind of exciting, something so new.. I knew I wanted to try it. To be honest I never had the guts to make a move on a girl until I was intoxicated. I just was afraid of rejection and humiliation. But as I grew a bit older and I wasn't as shy or unexperienced; I had my first real lesbian moment in my later teen years. We didn't have legitmate sex but the girl went down on me. I love how girls know just how to touch you and love you down. It was definetly fun and exciting.They smell good and are just so curvy! I love curves, soft skin, long hair, and sweet touches. I love to be touched gently. Guys are so rough and insensitive. Sex to many guys is just like an animal act.. And that just doesn't do it for me. It makes me feel like a piece of meat, that they're trying to devour or something. So back to when I had my first real lesbian experience, it felt good, but I was so so nervous! I'm not used to being with girls. And my nerves just kind of killed the experience. If I had known her better, I probably wouldn't have been as nervous. I haven't ever had a girlfriend but I really hope that's something that I'll be able to experience soon.

I wouldn't consider myself a lesbian but I definetly find myself attracted to females.
Gemma8 Gemma8
18-21, F
Feb 2, 2013