I Think Im Bi??

hi..im lanie..im a curious girl?? not so sure if i'm actually bisexual..maybe because im scared to come out...and sometimes its just sudden feeling that been serious for a while...i dont see myself to be with a girl..but i want to try it..( i've never been in a guy)

btw..i have a secret feelings towards girls..its started when i was on high school..there's one girl who had crushed on me(i knew it when my other friend told me)..she's my classmate(new in school)..at first i just like to be with her.."hang out"...i diffidently like her but just be friends because i know im into guys( i like guys more) ...then we saw each other day by day...and there's one thing happened..we fight in just a little things..we did not talk months...but one day..shes txted me and say sorry...after that we became a good good friends lol...( she hold my hand..kissed me..and hug)...i know its just a normal thing in having friends...but i felt it more :)

end of class...she came back to her placed..and forget our feeling( just a sudden feelings) ...after 5 years...we communicate..and i told her that i like her more than just friends..but the sad things right now is she's not single anyway :(..but im still want here to be mine...but im scared to have her...
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1 Response Feb 5, 2013

Just think how you would want to feel being with a girl or guy and that is how it is gonna feel with her. Girls always know how you want to feel cause that's how they wanna feel too. If she is kissing you then she is more than just a girl friend. You should let her know how you feel about her. She may be like you and scarred to ask too.