I don't know what i am. Am I straight, a lesbian or bi?
I'm 18 years old, could it really be that I don't know if I'm into women or men?

I normally like boys.
But I already had an experience with another girl - and I really liked it - but I never allowed myself to think about my feelings for her or about having a serious relationship with her. I know she was into me, because she told me. And I was secretely into her, too. But I told her that we can not be together. I couldn't be with her because at that time i thought: "She's a girl and I have to like boys." So how could i have a serious relationship with her, when I could not except my own feelings?
Now she has a GF and I'm totally jealous.

I am single. And everyone thinks that I like boys. But I'm not sure about that.
What can I do to find out?

Am I a girl that likes girls?
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sounds like you want both but don't want anyone to know you like girls I'm bi but my family don't know hubby loves it and I get to with other guys cuz I let hubby in on the girls and it works awesome cuz with all the fun sex we can love each other with out sex or jelose getting in the way

Your very young, don't hassell yourself, you don't have to just like boys you know, go with wot feels right at the time... good luck.

But the Problem is: what actually feels right for me feels at the Same Time or just a Bit later so wrong.

its really hrad to feel like that...because i feel the same too...
and i think the best thing to do to find out..who you are is to try something different ..try to have girlfriend..and then after that you will realized who you are ...that's my thought!

I agree with that...but I don't want to have a GF secretly but I also Don't want that other people know about me being lesbian or bisexual before I am really sure. So what should I do? Is there any other posibility to find out?

actually.."i dont know".. i also need an advice..because im also like you..i dont want other people know me that im bisexual too..now im trying to have gf..but its hard to find.."lol" ..im also not sure if im actually bi..because i dont know if i can be with a girl..

Yes you're right its Hard to find a gf...how to find One is also One of my questions. You Said you don't know if you could be with a Girl. But why? Can you picture yourself with a Girl?

yes sometimes i imagine myself with a girl..but not just for a long time i think..

Well that my Problem Too.
I think at an early Age its okay to have Something with a Girl. But in the Future i picture myself with a man and children. You know? I Want to have an ordinary Family. But i don't know if my Feelings are matching with that. I don't Want to give UP my plan for the Future. But i also don't Want to Play my whole Life a Part i don't really fit in, you know?

we both know that someday we will have own family..and maybe we just need to enjoy our life when were still young ..

Yes you're right! We really should enjoy our lives!
I really like you - and it's Great to See that we have so much in Common. I think you really know what i am going to right now.
Thank you for that!

yes i think we had a lot of things in common,,

and im happy that im not the only one who experienced things like this..i like you too..maybe we can be a good friend :)

Yes, i think we understand eachother very well and we could be Friends.


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It sounds like you're bisexual. If you were a lesbian you would have known from an early age.

Hey i feel the same way. I am attracted to guys but also to girls even though I've never been with a girl, but kinda want to. Maybe the fact that you are jealous means you did have a thing for her or maybe that you want what you cant have. But anyways i agree with you on not being sure what I like ha!

Thank you for that answer. It's Good to See that there are other People who feel the Same Way.