Hello I'm a 14 year old female my name is Devin I am straight but recently I discovered I am sexually attracted to girls and boys now whether this makes me bisexual or just straight I don't know I can't seem to figure it out and I'm to scared to identify because I don't wanna offend LGBT people by leading people to think I'm one thing when I'm not. Many say its just hormones or a faze or I'm too lonely and some say I am bisexual and some say its normal and I'm completely straight. All my life I've always been more comfy with women more than men and I've always I don't know never had any sexual or romantic as a child but some type of attraction to girls whatever it was. So in the end I'm not exactly sure what the **** I am all I know is I am sexually attracted to both I am romantically attracted to men and waiting to test the waters with women to see if I am romantically attracted to them as well (sorry if that came off weird) I also know many say your born it ain't a choice well I say to as well but sometimes you gotta test to see if its just you or you being tricked by yourself.
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its just a choice..try it and then you will find out..

I'm sorry but being gay or bisexual or even straight for that matter isn't 'just a choice' your born a certain way and that's it no choice or no having fun and then turning into something else you are what you are your born a certain way and have a certain path

there's a lot of different opinions..and i respect who you are ..

Trust me I know I like girls at least sexually so I can at least have some say that gay people and people like me don't just decide to be different because being different especially gay or bisexual in today's society comes with a lot of fight, courage and baggage therefore no human would go through what most do just because their bored and changed their sexual preference because being different I can tell you is one hell of a thing therefore I believe we are born this way and we honestly don't got any say in it because I'm sure if we did we'd all chose to fit in and be normal like the rest

People change. That's life. Sexual preference can also change, hence hear stories of husband leaving his wife of 20years since turns out is now gay...or vice-versa. As long as not openly deceive someone, most people that are level headed won't take offense, even if was mistaken and found out say a couple days later or what not. LGBT types are usually more level-headed and open-minded then most. So shouldn't have to worry about that...but on top of that, if a person is being a *****, like in your other Post of the oen guy accusing you for no photos...less nosie for you to hassle with and those types Aren't worth your-time Or the-hassle to be acquaintances with on any level anyways~ As far as, figuring yourself out. There are all types of people and preferences. Some are hetero' and only attracted to and have relationships with the opposite gender. Some are Bi, open to both things with both genders...but some people only have relationships with the opposite-gender and only attracted physically to the same-gender...or vice-versa and still Bi~ Phases...well tothose that are Testing-the-waters and in the end find out they aren't Bi or Gay etc then yea...those people can call it a phase I suppose. But they may have that same "phase" come up again later in life.

You have the right mind set, you're fine. Just as above don't worry about labeling things or worry about others labeling You. Let them be retarded in their own lil world lol But, also be weary who you tell...irl and online since some people have the assumption, Oh she/hes bi = open to a 3some! nuuuuuuuuuu. wrong. please. Psh~

I know people always say that but I feel like with a label as most call it I know what I am I can identify as something yeah I'm me but what else can I identify as that will help people understand and help me shape myself into what I'm suppose to be I just feel the desire to figure out what I am and honestly at this age you can't just automatically assume its all you and your gay or bisexual because it very well could be other things therefore sometimes you gotta test the waters before you truly know of its you or not and I know most people are understanding and open minded but my problem is is I hate wannabes and people that just live lies therefore I don't wanna go around being proud of something I'm not and leading everybody into a big lie when it turns out it could just be my hormones pulling me around and then ill look stupid and like a wannabe liar

AH! I see now~ Gotcha. *nods nods nods* Well....just be saying that, I know no one will be taken back by you. Being considerate makes a HUGE impact on people (especially at/on the job, people love it). Being considerate and showing/giving a lil reassurance goes a LONG way in my book. I am glad you made this post...if ever anyone feels iffy about w/e on this...can just show them This. I am sure they will get the point. *hugs* YaY You! (=

Feels good to tell somebody the truth especially a big truth like this

Ya...I know what you mean. I mean, your parents seem to be rather...well just not open to it all which I can liken to when I was in military. Sucks how gotta be choosey about things that Defines-oneself. sigh. But it's for the best...easier to avoid future hassles then try to fix them Indeed. Is a Wise choice~

Well they have nothing against it just they aren't easy to talk to especially my mother about personal stuff so it is gonna be very hard to say it considering I haven't even told them I like guys yet so I have no idea how ill pull it off all I know is it won't be for awhile :( though there is sometimes I just wanna run up to my mother happy as can be and tell her I just ain't got the guts

yea, didn't mean to infer they were against it. Officially, military isn't against anything either lol ...but just was relating to it on How-hard it is to say things openly tho...it isn't easy...some things I not talk with my parents about too. Growing up...I wasn't even aloud to watch Tom'n'Jerry cartoons or have caffeine or hardly any candy...so anything past that it felt off limits really. Was one of a few reason why I joined the military really...to just go out on my own, see word and Be my self 24/7 >< But no rush to do it tho' that's for sure. Keepin' fingers crossed on the topic for you~

My parents aren't that strict thank god dads open but moms closed so its hard as a girl as you I hope can imagine

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Just be true to yourself :) plain and simple.