I'M Getting Confused And Lost On What I Really Am

I'm 17 years old and recently suddenly I noticed an attraction to other girls. At first I brushed it off as admiration for something about them, but now I can't help but pine for another girl.

I'm helping a friend of mine after her break-up with her ex-BOYfriend, but I'm getting pulled in by her. I keep wishing and thinking that I could be the one that holds on to her and the one she snuggles with.

Is this just a passing girl crush phase, or am I bisexual?

I've always liked guys and still do, I still want them sexually and romantically. With girls I don't like thinking of them sexually, mainly because I'm only interested in my friend, but I definitely want to be her romantic interest.

She has the silkiest hair, the smoothest skin, the prettiest eyes that sparkle, the best laugh and the most beautiful smile. She's also funny, smart and kind.
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2 Responses Feb 19, 2013

h'mmMmm.. you know were just the same..i dont really know if i can be with a girl.i mean sexually..i do like boys a lot than girls...i've also had feelings with just two girls..but dont know if i can have relationship with them..im confused??

don't know how i got here but that is like the description of my current situation...i see boys and I'm like "oh damn they are hot!" same with girl but thinking about them sexually i'm more into guys...I mean i did think about how it would be with a girl but i am more into guys and completly confused :| the joke is I would be totally ok with being bi because I know my family and friends are going to love me anyways but i hate not knowing what is going on