I do. I like boys too and I have a boyfriend but there's just something about girls that I love.

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Same here! Why is it like that? lol


Yes I get it. I'm the same way;)

Of course Mina I believe it is nice to be making love with another person that knows what the game is and how to turn you on.


Married with children.....understand 100%!!!!

understand you 100 percent!

Figure out what you looking for first because you can't have both in the end you gone have to choose what you like and who you wana be with.

Hey guys I am also invovled with a guy, married and also have children. I have hid my feelings for girls for a very long time. The one time that I did admit it, it went very bad with the family so I decided to go the other way. Fell in love with a guy, got married, had children and now I'm right back at what I tried to ignore all those years ago.

How old r u??

I am so afraid I could go down the same path. What shod I do?

If you're young, experiment! When you're older and have a family, it gets more complex. I recommend listening/reading to Dan Savage's podcast and advice column, where these types of issues often come up.

You are most likely bisexual. If you are happy with your husband and don't feel the need to live as a lesbian, you could try having a *********.

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i'm married with children, and I like girls too.

Me too