I Like This One Girl.

I am a girl, that likes girls. I like boys too but I think I like girls better.   I like a certain girl that I cant get my mind off of.  She is bisexual and has had experience, but I am bicurious and i have no experience what so ever. I have been wanting to experience being with a girl, but i have had no chance.  This girl knows I like her, she doesnt know how much.  I have developed a HUGE crush on her.  She gives me butterflies.  I get nervous when I talk to her, I constantly talk about her to my other friend who has 100% support for me.

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me too im sa afraid to say other girls that i like girl too.


Hi hun, I know what u mean! It is scary when you like someone so much but don't really know how to approach them about it. I am in a similar situation.. I have developed a MASSIVE crush on someone who I can't stop talking about to my friends. ***** getting ridiculous. I work with her and can barely concentrate when she walks into the room. She is really intuitive and I am scared she will get creeped out by me if she really knows how I feel. At least you know this girl you like is bi. Do you hang out within the same groups of friends as her? I would try to subtley spend more time around her/her friends, just to create a space for you to get to know her more in a relaxed environment and see how it goes from there. You'll soon know how she feels if she wants to be around you too! All the best x

You should deffinately talk to her and like what was said not be pushy about things. Don't forget that she is bi and has gone through the same things that you are now going through so she will totally understand your feelings and anxioties about approaching her. The best way to tell her is to be honest and forthcoming and at the same time dont be too forward. Stephanie xx lick lick hug hug

hmm for me i would say i feel the same way n we're in the exact postion. but my advice to u is just be cool n like yearningz said dunt be too pushy. A girl needs to be understood and loved gently, yes all gurls luv dat. So if u say u rly like this girl n believes she likes she knows about it then that's fine but try not to be nervous n all that. just be urself n express everything to her while lookin into her eyez, that is where all the signals come from :) n i bet u at the end of the day she'll luv it. hope this helps

In a subtle way, so as not to put yourself totally out there, let the girl know your interested. Be cool and casual about it but not pushy. I have had a similar experience that didn't go well simply because i pushed too hard. Hope this helps ; )

i hade the exact same thing happen to me, but i pushed to hard and yried for something that just wasnt there !!