I miss her. I know I shouldn't, I know she lied, and I know she has a gf and doesn't want to speak to me anymore. But I can't help it, I miss being with her. Kissing her just felt so good, so right.
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Its been almost a year now and i still think about her almost everyday :( when will it end!?

The best way to get over someone, is by getting on top of someone else. HAPPY HALLOWEEN

I was in this spot for two years. Never talked to her, she had another girlfriend, whom turned into her wife. I was heart broken the whole time, even though I got married myself, it wasn't the same without her being by my side. 2+ years later out of the blue she text me and about a week later we were back to us. Hang tight love!

Wow that's interesting

Definitely. We're happier than ever now!

im sorry i guess im lucky my g/f lives with me and my parents

You are lucky

i am and i thank my parents for there support