Odd experience at a slumber party. I abhor parties of any sort, especially the kind where I'm urged to get my nails done by a girl I barely know. And nail polish=ew.

I've always been at the very least bicurious, but that escalated into full bisexualism last year. I know many believe bisexuality isn't a real thing, that scene ******* just like to say that on their myspace to get attention, but that's so far from the truth. Sexually and emotionally, I'm more attracted to girls than to boys. I like to have boys as friends, I connect with them on a different level than I do with girls. I could see myself in a relationship with either, however.

Back to the slumber party. A girl I had my eye on for a while- let's call her Kira- was there as well. She wasn't really my friend, but I had always gravitated towards her as if she had her very own orbit that was pulling me along as well. I had been attracted to her dry humor and GORGEOUS brown eyes. It wasn't going to go anywhere, as many girls my age are either straight or so deep in the closet they've found Narnia.

She caught me staring when another girl, Lilly, started pole dancing with this weird column in the basement. It was supposed to be silly and funny and etcetera, but I was having a serious lady-*****. Kira, I **** you not, caught my eye and winked at me. She KNEW. I could totally see it. And the rest of the night, she was basically on top of me. Very clingy, but not in a way that would give away my/our secret. Unfortunately, I just recently moved, and I never worked up the courage to get her number or ask her about that whole thing before I did. This was the closest I've ever gotten to doing ANYTHING with another
female, and I'm positive that this memory is going to stick with me for the rest of my life.
QueenOfLosers QueenOfLosers
18-21, F
Aug 18, 2014