Hmm yes I do like girls... Anyone want to chat? I'll trade face pictures so just show what we look like and no nude pics (I'm not interested in sending nudes anymore... People just are too demanding with what they want to see...) i'll stay up for another 30 or so mins... To chat.
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hey :)

I'm not asking for any (not like you'd send me any anyway) but you've sent nudes?

Why? (I don't think any worse of a person because of it)

Now that you mention it, both, please.

That makes sense. You were pressured into it, and liked it(?) but eventually started to not like it. I can imagine, they just can't get enough.

I'm a native english speaker and even i stutter sometimes so no big deal. :) and i understand.

Language isn't easy all the time.

What language? And learning a new language is hard i know, i'm learning one myself.

It'll be a third language, nice! And cantonese is a cool language, i'm trying to learn japanese and it's just so hard, but i'll get it eventually.

Worst part is learning to write the english version and the japanese text, woah it's hard. Watching anime makes it worse almost. And thanks. :)

It's weird how that works. The way my mind works it makes that impossible, i'm just lucky i guess. And cantonese is my next language to learn, i can't wait.

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