Is there anyone I can talk to?
penguins2346 penguins2346
16-17, F
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Always open to chat


Hey :)

Yes u can talk with me

if you want honest advice. i am here

My parents won't accept me because they think being gay is wrong. My friends will think I'm weird.

you are not weird, and it is not wrong, how can being happy be wrong?
we can not help who we love or find attractive.

They will kick me out of the house

it wont be for ever, one day you will go to collage, and leave home. hang in there. x

You may need to just keep it to yourself for now, as horrible and hard as that is, but this goes for all teenagers, the world you live in is like a fish bowl, it's all crowded and confined and you think that's all there is, but you'll get older, move out on your own, make friends who are happy for you to be who YOU are.. then when the time is right you can be honest with your family. Maybe they'll understand, maybe they won't but by then, you'll have surrounded yourself with people that love you for who you are, not who they want you to be, and that's the family that will matter. It will get better.

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i like both