Me Too I´m a Girl Who Likes a Lot Girls

Since I have acept this part of me this feelings to the girls started to make me more happy. I thik that be able to love a person independently of the gender he/she is its very beautifull and a special thing.

Unfortunately I have no too lucky whit the girls I loved u__u! they refused me because they like men...

I hope that I finally can find a girl that love me too in the future.

greetings for all of us and sorry for my english! n///n

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8 Responses Aug 11, 2009

Same problem i'm a girl who likes girls and always falls for the straight ones. I'm still in the closet and probably will stay there unless i find a girl that i love so much that i'd be willing to abandon everything i love to be with her. But that seems very unlikely to happen cause even though my family and friends are against homosexuality they still mean the world to me. Basically everyone one close to me is against it, I don't know any gay person and i realized what was going with me thanks to internet and people sharing their stories on youtube. I agree with you even though its hard to accept who you are its a nice feeling when you finally do. I hope you do find this girl who will love you in return.


Some str8 gurls you have to leave alone because I believe that even if you take them down that road of experiencing liking gurls they are still going to like men and you might end up hurt. Take the time out and find ppl like you everything takes time hun

I have the same problem like u. :(

Hun ....... you are at that age now where you should be able to read the signals and red flags that are thrown your direction. Start using your women's intuition that way you may come out more successful in your choices of women with the same interests (sexually oriented) as you. <br />
<br />
Good luck ........ Stephanie xx lick lick hug hug

I think my lesbo personality is beginning to bloom! and I love it!!!!!!!!!

I like girls too

well i feel ya girly lol ; iam a transwoman who likes other transwomen and ci women meaning born women but transwomen r born to just have to make corrections lol but anyway like ur story and just saying hello....