My Gf

i have a gf as of last week! i am so happy! we kissed yesterday and all my friends think we look cute together... i hope it lasts.  (btw i do like boys too.)

harunosakuradrops harunosakuradrops
18-21, F
6 Responses Sep 26, 2009

Good for you. I hope you girls are happy together and that you make many good memories.

Congrats! I hope it works out for the two of u!

good luck!

How about liking a penis holder ...friends?

Hi there so you are lucky to have lesbian tendencies nothing wrong with that congratulations. Have a GREAT time

this is so weird. I used to have a best gf who really likes me in the same way. I wish I could relate to what you are saying. I am still missing her now that we've been apart.